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1. Applicability
1.1. These terms and conditions apply for all sale of goods from Intility AS (“Intility”) to customers of Intility, either through Intility Webshop or other channels. The underlying Operational Services Agreement between Intility and the customer fulfils these terms and conditions as far as appropriate and takes precedence in the event of conflict.
1.2. Intility is part of a business group and may cooperate with other entities in this business group, as well as other partners and sales affiliates, in order to fulfil its obligations under these terms and conditions. If the contracting party is Intility AS, the following terms and conditions apply:
2. Prices
2.1. All quotations issued by Intility are valid for 14 days, unless otherwise is stated in the quotation.
2.2. The current list prices can be found in Intility Webshop. When purchasing goods through other channels, the prices are stated in the quotation. All prices are quoted in Norwegian kroner (“NOK”) excluding VAT. Any special prices or discounts shall be expressly agreed upon in writing between Intility and the customer.
2.3. Intility reserves the right to increase the listed prices appropriately if cost increases occur prior to the delivery of the goods, in particular due to exchange rate fluctuations, price increases from distributors or manufacturers, or tax changes. Upon request of the customer, Intility shall describe the reasons for the price adjustment.
2.4. The customer is responsible for freight costs, which may vary depending on weight, number of parcels, delivery destination, shipping options, etc. Final freight cost is calculated upon delivery of the goods. For express deliveries, express delivery charges apply. Intility strives to keep the total freight cost at a minimum.
2.5. For computers ordered to be used on the managed Intility Platform, additional installation costs will apply, depending on the deployment method. These costs are charged according to the terms in the Operational Services Agreement between Intility and the customer.
3. Payment 
3.1. Invoices shall be paid within 15 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. As a standard, Intility practices semi-monthly invoicing.
4. Pictures and information in Intility Webshop and quotations 
4.1. Pictures in Intility Webshop and in quotations are for display purposes only, and product appearance may differ from the displayed pictures. For example, a product may not include monitors even though it is pictured that way. 
4.2. Intility is not responsible for typographical errors. 
4.3. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. 
4.4. Please contact Intility, cf. section 16, before placing your order if you have questions to product descriptions or the display of goods. 
5. Right of ownership. Sales liens
5.1. Any product ordered through Intility Webshop or any other channel remain Intility’s property until payment for the product has been made in full and Intility reserves the right to claim sales liens in products which are not intended for resale, cf. the Norwegian Mortgage Act § 3-14 et seq.
6. Processing and delivery of orders
6.1. Orders of products available in Intility Webshop are processed immediately between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00 Central European Time (CET). If possible, we will provide information about estimated delivery time or if the product is out of stock. If the product is sold out from Intility or the distributor, we will provide advice and guidance to alternative products.
6.2. Normal delivery time is one to four business days, depending on distributor and delivery address. Should the product require setup or installation, cf. section 2.5, this will be added to the normal delivery time.  Intility will notify the customer in case of delay.
6.3. The delivery of the goods is the responsibility of the distributor and the distributor’s terms and conditions apply. Deliveries are normally made Carriage Paid To (CPT) to the named destination provided by the customer. In case of an agreed pickup of the goods by the customer, the delivery is made Ex Works (EXW) to the agreed pickup location. 
6.4. In case a delay or other circumstances makes it difficult to deliver the ordered goods in one shipment, the order will be split and delivered consecutively. In such situations, freight costs will incur per shipment. If the customer does not want consecutively delivery of goods, this must be specified when ordering. 
6.5. The transfer of risk to the customer may vary depending on the method of delivery and the applicable terms and conditions of the distributor. Where the goods are delivered CPT, the risk of the goods transfers to the customer upon handling over the goods to the carrier. Where the goods are delivered EXW, the risk of the goods transfers to the customer when the goods are made available for pickup at the agreed destination and the customer has been informed thereof. 
6.6. The customer is responsible for providing the correct delivery address and/or pickup location and must be available to receive the delivery as agreed.
7. Shipping abroad. Customs
7.1. If the order require shipping abroad, the customer is responsible for any customs clearance. This may increase delivery time and freight costs. 
8. Stock status in Intility Webshop 
8.1. The stock status is automatically updated in Intility Webshop every 24 hours, including specification of products out of stock and when they are expected to be back in stock. Deviations in stock status may occur and estimated time of arrival. Contact Intility, cf. section 16, if you need confirmation of the actual stock status and estimated time of arrival. 
9. Cancellation 
9.1. Cancellations must be made as soon as possible by giving notice to Intility, cf. section 16.  If the order is cancelled after the shipment, the cancellation will be handled as a return, cf. section 10. The same applies for goods ordered to be used on the managed Intility platform that require installation, ref. section 2.5, after the installation process has begun. The installation process begins as soon as the good’s packaging is opened.
10. Return 
10.1. Returns are generally not accepted and is subject to the distributor’s terms and conditions which are applicable. Returns on custom orders, goods “Built to Order” and goods that require installation to be used on the managed Intility platform where the installation process has begun, is never accepted. 
10.2. The customer must apply for returns directly in Intility Webshop. Applications for return must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 10 days after delivery, and the packaging must remain unopened. 
10.3. If the return is accepted, the customer must pay a return fee. Such fee varies between 10 and 25 % of product value or a minimum amount, depending on the return policy of the distributor. Freight costs related to the return is also covered by the customer.
11. Notification of claims. Warranty
11.1. Upon delivery of the goods, the customer shall inspect the packaging and the goods to ensure that there are no defects or discrepancies to the packaging or the goods. If the customer receives packaging or products that are defect upon arrival, or if there are any discrepancies, this must be notified with a clear description of the defect or discrepancy to Intility as soon as possible. All claims must be made directly in Intility Webshop. Damage to goods and/or packaging must be documented with photos by the customer, which are sent to Intility upon request. 
11.2. The terms and conditions of the distributor are applicable at all times. If the distributor requires certain procedures to be followed and/or certain information to be provided in order to handle a claim, Intility shall request the customer to follow said procedures and/or provide said information. The customer shall respond to Intility’s requests as soon as possible, and the customer acknowledges that failure to comply with such requests may result in the claim not being enforceable.
11.3. Goods that arrive inoperable may be eligible for a DOA (Dead on Arrival) return depending on the distributor’s returns policy. Certain specific DOA return requirements may apply, such as limited return time frames or shipment requirements. 
11.4. The warranties of the manufacturers are applicable at all times, and the warranty terms may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding warranties or warranty terms, please contact Intility, cf. section 16. The applicable warranties supersede any derogatory law regarding purchase of goods.
11.5. The warranty period is calculated from the original date of purchase. The warranty applies to products that are damaged despite normal use/assembly. In the event of material or production defects, the product will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer or their service partner. 
11.6. Intility provides no independent warranty on products. However, we retain the right to troubleshoot returned products. Any troubleshooting will not affect the manufacturer's warranty for the given product. 
11.7. The customer is responsible for freight costs and any other costs incurred when returning products.
11.8. The warranty of the manufacturers does normally not cover:
  • Errors caused by abnormal use or external influence.
  • Cost of incorrect assembly/disassembly of goods.
  • Repair costs at workshops that are not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Travel expenses and shipping costs.
  • Consequential damages caused by the defective product.
  • Wear parts and consumables such as mouse, mouse pads, ink cartridges, keyboards, etc.
  • Business loss as a direct result of a defective product.
11.9. Please note that Intility will not provide replacement products during the processing of warranty cases.
12. Liability. Product liability. 
12.1. Intility disclaims any liability for direct or indirect financial loss due to defective goods or delayed delivery. This does not apply, however, in cases where Intility has deliberately or grossly negligently caused the breach. In such cases, the liability shall be limited to the invoice value of the defective/delayed products. 
12.2. Intility shall not be liable for loss or other damage caused by the customer or any third parties. 
12.3. If a product purchased through Intility causes damage to a person or property, and the damage is caused because the product does not offer the safety which a user or the public could reasonably expect (“safety deficiency”), Intility shall be liable for damages according to the Product Liability Directive 85/374/EEC or national provisions implementing said directive. Intility is not liable for other consequential damages. 
13. Force Majeure 
13.1 If the parties are prevented or obstructed from fulfilling their undertakings pursuant to these terms and conditions by unexpected and disruptive circumstances outside the parties’ control which amounts to circumstances which according to Norwegian law would be deemed as force majeure, this shall constitute grounds for suspending the parties’ obligations with regards to delays and consequences, for as long as the force majeure situation exist, provided that the affected party uses commercially reasonable efforts to limit the effect of that delay or failure to perform on the other party and to remedy the force majeure circumstance affecting it.
13.2 Each party shall immediately notify the other party in written form of the force majeure circumstance and its estimated duration. If such delay or failure continues for more than 60 days from the date of initial notification of the occurrence of the force majeure circumstance, either party shall be entitled to terminate the agreement or the relevant part of it so affected immediately on notice in written form to the other party.
14. Privacy and Information Security
14.1. To safeguard the privacy of our customers, Intility continuously work with our internal control and information security management system. The work is anchored through the use of recognized frameworks for IT management and control. You can read more about our privacy and information security efforts in the Intility Security Center. Read more about how Intility processes personal information in our privacy statement.
14.2. When purchasing units from Samsung, the following applies: Samsung Electronics Nordic AB (Torshamnsgatan 27, PO Box 1235, 164 28 Kista, Sweden, "Samsung") will process the personal information collected in connection with our assistance with your customer service request. To read more about Samsung's Privacy Policy and your rights and how to exercise them, please see Samsung's Customer Service Privacy Statement at: https://www.samsung.com/no/support/privacy/. 
15. Disputes and applicable law
15.1. These terms and conditions are subject to Norwegian law. The parties shall seek to resolve any disputes in relation to these terms and conditions amicably. Should the parties be unable to agree within the framework of such negotiations, either party may bring the dispute before the ordinary courts for final settlement. Oslo tingrett (district court) shall be the venue.
16. Contact information 
16.1. If you have questions regarding these terms and conditions or other inquiries, please contact Intility by email (bestilling@intility.no), by phone (+47 24 10 33 07), or by chat (https://chat.intility.com/webshop). Urgent requests, such as cancellations, should be made by phone or chat.
17. Other
17.1 These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice at any time, in our sole discretion.
17.2 The Norwegian language version of these terms and conditions always takes precedence over any other language version. The Norwegian language version is available here.


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