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INTILITY Lockable cabinet (A150)

INTILITY Lockable cabinet


Intility Lifecycle for IT equipment with sensitive information such as PCs, printers, monitors, servers, network equipment and mobile phones. Please comment at checkout how much equipment you want to be picked up.

The Service includes:
  • Delivery and collection of lockable cabinet
  • Secure data erasure
  • Recycling/resale of equipment
  • Monetary compensation if goods are resold
  • Blancco deletion report
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Intility Lifecycle is a service which handles the disposal of IT equipment in cooperation with our environmental partner 3-Step IT. We organize the collection of equipment at the customer office where you fill up received packaging. The amount and type of IT equipment determines the type of packaging. All packaging that is shipped should fit through regular doors.

Once the equipment is placed in the packaging, it will be picked up and transported to 3 Step IT. After secure data deletion, it is considered whether the equipment can be resold or recycled. You will receive deletion report, and monetary compensation if goods are resold, about 4-6 after the collection. These values ​​are offset against costs and profits after the sale of the equipment.


The deletion report will contain information such as serial number, brand and specifications. It will also include as a confirmation that approved deletion has been performed.

1. Start the process of ordering the desired Lifecycle packaging in the Intility Webshop
2. You will receive an email confirming the order from 3-Step IT, which clarifies the delivery time
3. You receive packaging to the desired location and pack the equipment
4. You notify 3 Step IT when the equipment is ready for collection
5. The equipment is retrieved and received to 3 Step IT for review. The units are registered, securely deleted and assessed for reuse or recycling
6. Intility sends out deletion report and repayment for goods that have been sold - normally 4-6 weeks after collection


  • No backup will be performed. Data must be copied before the unit is sent for deletion
  • Units with BIOS-password have no value, and should be unlocked prior to shipment
  • Mobiles/ tablets must be open for user lock (e.g. Find my iPhone) - if not they are granulated.
  • Intility holds no liability for the loss of equipment or data

Equipment: Laptops, printers, monitors, mobilephones, tablets, servers, network equipment
Delivery and safe retrieval of lockable cabinet

Secure data erasure
Recycling/resale of equipment
Monetary compensation if goods are resold
NB! It is important that the equipment is properly positioned to avoid damage. Heavy equipment (like servers) can be placed in the bottom. Equipment that is damaged during transport will not have repurchase value.

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