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Cambridgesoft ChemBioDraw Ultra 14 Suite

Forsiden Software Annen Programvare Cambridgesoft ChemBioDraw Ultra 14 Suite
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Cambridgesoft ChemBioDraw Ultra 14 Suite (321-66878)

Cambridgesoft ChemBioDraw Ultra 14 Suite


The ChemBioDraw® Ultra 14.0 suite provides scientists with an up-to-date collection of scientifically intelligent applications for chemical structure drawing and analysis combined with biological pathway drawing.
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ChemBioDraw® Ultra 14.0 is the industry standard structure drawing suite for the serious professional to draw accurate, chemically-aware structures for use in database queries (including direct searching in SciFinder), preparation of publication-quality graphics, and entry for modeling and other programs that require an electronic description of molecules and reactions as well as advanced prediction tools and full Web integration using the ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin.

ChemBioDraw® Ultra 14.0 also provides a drawing tool for biological pathways. It includes common pathway elements (membranes, DNA, enzymes, receptors, etc.) as well as the ability to import other elements. One of the advantages over alternative pathway drawing tools is the integrated power of ChemDraw's chemical intelligence. ChemBioDraw Ultra is the gold standard for chemical and biological drawing, publication, and query preparation.

ChemBioDraw Ultra Windows includes ChemBioDraw Ultra, ChemBio3D Pro(W), and ChemBioFinder Ultra(W). It also features ChemDraw for Excel(W), ChemDraw ActiveX plug-in, and Name=Struct.


ChemBioDraw® Ultra 14.0 Suite Highlights in Version 14.0

  • Search SciFinder direct from ChemBioDraw Ultra with no time-consuming cutting and pasting.
  • Copy and paste CDXML and molfile text to and from the clipboard for data exchange with other applications that can consume these file formats.
  • Biopolymer toolbar with disulfide and lactam bridges, beta and D-amino acids, DNA, RNA, protecting groups and linkers
  • Paste peptide, DNA and RNA sequences and have them interpreted chemically with sequence wrapping and shaping
  • Gel Electrophoresis Plate Tool provides arbitrary rotation for lane labels, drag and position band labels, paste data from Excel or other sources, and copy and paste between lanes
  • Calculators for pKa, LogP and LogS enable scientists to explore important bioavailability properties such acid dissociation, distribution and aqueous solubility for putative compounds

For more information on all of the applications that are included in the ChemBioDraw Ultra suite, please see the Applications tab below.

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