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Atlassian RefinedWiki Original Theme 500 users

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Atlassian RefinedWiki Original Theme 500 users (RWOT-500USERS)

Atlassian RefinedWiki Original Theme 500 users

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Global sidebar

We love easy, practical navigation, which is why we've introduced a new global sidebar to Original Theme 4.0. The menu can be viewed in three different modes: Always open, always closed or responsive - i.e adaptable depending on the window size.

Easy dashboard editor

We've developed a new editor that makes laying out dashboards a breeze. No more wiki-markup skills required - now anyone can edit their dashboard how they like.

With the new editor simply drag and drop whatever you want wherever you want - add new sections, remove headers, include footers - it’s up to you. You can edit dashboards, category dashboards, user dashboards and even space layouts.

Start with one of our predefined templates and then use the Confluence macro browser to add macros or add custom content using the Confluence editor. Then move the content around until you have the layout you want.

Editing space layouts is easy too

The new dashboard editor can also be used to edit space layouts in exactly the same way as for the dashboard. There are a number of other space options including show/hide the space logo, comments, child pages and more.

The space layout editor comes with two space templates with tailored settings and layout options, one for documentation and one for public facing pages. There’s also a default template or you can create your own custom layout.

You can also create your own custom layout.

Two new footer columns

The footer has been extended to include two new columns:

The Blog column for latest blog posts, news from specified spaces or from all configured blogs, or even from all your confluence users.

In the Custom HTML column you can add HTML code to include your own widgets.

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